What You Need To Know Before You Apply

Applicants for funding toward university, college, or vocational training must be active Christian Scientists, verified through church references and interviews with the In-Country Representative for your country (UK, France, Germany, Switzerland)

  1. ABF offers grant-only awards outside the US.
  2. ABF does not offer loans outside the US.
  3. ABF does not provide funding for students wishing to study outside their home country.
  4. ABF determines a maximum scholarship award each year for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a maximum for vocational training. This maximum award amount can vary, so students should check with their country’s  In-Country Representative to verify that year’s amount.
  5. Applicants applying for funding for post-secondary education must be seeking either a degree or certificate. ABF does not fund extra-curricular courses or “enrichment courses.”
  6. ABF does not fund students wishing to travel to–or who originate from–countries not represented by an established ABF ICR.
  7. ABF does not pay for coursework already completed.
  8. ABF does not pay for travel.
  9. Scholarship payments are always and only made to schools on behalf of the student. Students never receive checks or cash individually nor does ABF pay Student Loan Companies.
  10. If there are any funds remaining after the student is no longer enrolled, those funds are returned to ABF.  If a student is, for any reason, unable to attend classes after ABF’s grant was paid to the school the student cannot withdraw the funds for personal use.
  11. If a student receives a failing grade, ABF will not award funds to re-take the class.
  12. Students are supported only when attending ABF-approved schools. Check with your country’s ICR to determine if your school is approved by ABF.

The Application and Award Process

  1. Application Creation and Submission
    Read through all four steps in order to understand eligibility, required documents and how to apply online.
  2. Application Review
    Once an online application is submitted, reviewed, and judged complete, you will be contacted to schedule an interview with one of our, In-Country Representative (ICR) volunteers. This interview is required and will be conducted over the phone. There will then be a final review of the application by staff before a decision is made.
  3. Decision Notification
    You should allow at least two weeks to receive notice by email of an award decision.

ABF Countries Funded in Europe

  • France
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

Application Instructions

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Step 2: Eligibility and Deadlines>>

Step 3: Required Documentation>>

Step 4: Apply>>