About The Albert Baker Fund

Who was Albert Baker?

Albert Baker was Mary Baker Eddy’s beloved elder brother who took a tender interest in her education and tutored her in Latin and Greek. He graduated from Dartmouth College in1834 and immediately joined the law office of Franklin Pierce, who later became the14th president of the United States. In 1839, Albert was elected to the New Hampshire State Legislature where he served until his untimely passing in 1841.

We are honored to have our Fund associated with Albert’s fine values of scholarship and the importance he placed on education in the development of the individual. The Albert Baker Fund hopes to nurture the educational aspirations of today’s Christian Science students in much the same way that Albert encouraged and supported his sister Mary.

Our mission is to serve the Cause of Christian Science and humanity by providing resources for the education and development of Christian Scientists.

Our History

The Albert Baker Fund was started in 1964 by Christian Scientists in Boston, Massachusetts, and in Northern California. They created a fund which provided low-cost loans for American college students. Each student was expected to repay the loan over ten years, replenishing the fund for future generations. They named the fund after Albert Baker, the elder brother of Mary Baker Eddy, who is credited with shepherding her education.

In 1998, ABF began making loans to fund Christian Science nurses’ training. In 2005, we added grants to our financial aid awards for students in the U.S. and Canada. In 2006, we expanded our grants program to Africa and Europe. In the coming years we hope to expand our grants program to reach Christian Scientists around the world. Learn more about Christian Science.

Our Programs

In addition to college, graduate, and vocational education, we also fund Christian Science nurses’ training, youth leadership activities such as DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council for high school students, and scholarships for summer internships at The Mother Church, at Longyear Museum in Boston, and at various Christian Science youth summer camps.

Our Impact

Since 1964, the generosity of Christian Scientists has enabled us to loan more than $10 million to more than 3,000 students. We measure the true impact of this investment in the growth and giving-back of our students. As they face the challenges and opportunities of their education with the understanding of Christian Science, they grow both as students and as Christian Scientists. We encourage each recipient to “pass their blessings forward” by contributing to the enrichment of their communities, churches, the Christian Science Movement, and the world. Read stories of gratitude.

Our Board of Trustees and Regional Volunteers

Board of Trustees


Dan Herbert

Bob Rees

Nat P. Pellegrini III

Deborah Master, CS
Adam Messer

Lisa Mietchen
Sharon Perlis

Martha Quirk

Alistair Savides
Dale Schmidt

David Westphal



Regional Ambassadors:

United States & Canada

British Columbia

Carol Burbee


Carol Chamberlain

Chris Cheney
Carol McClure

Mindy Emmons

Lyn Kendrick


David Bear

Nancy Alexander

Rindy Powell

Colleen Vucinovich

David Bowers


Nancy Claypool

Steve Graham

Barbara Green


Cindy Sumter

New Hampshire
Pollyann Winslow

New York

Marivic Mabanag

Claire Stoddard

Bruce E. G. Smith

Chelsea Kearns
David Pfleeger
John S. Thomas

In Country Representatives:

Africa, Asia & Europe


Edmond Nanoukon


Benjamin Lomena


Williams Soulouck

Republic of Congo

Emmanuel M’Foundani

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Joachim Kininga
Joseph Baleka

Myriam Betouche
Francois Flamand

David Kingsman

Daniel Atidzon

Rose Awino
Fredrick Khaydi

Uche Udeagwu

Estela Badol
Cake Carandang
Mildred Lauran-Takinan

Alphonse Nkeshimana

Charles Tongori


Rodger Glokpor

Jacque Namulsalisi

United Kingdom
Linda Alanko

Mumeka Wright

Former ABF Trustees (1964-2017)

George Andrews, Jr., Bruce Ashworth, James W. Baker, Ron Ballard, Alan Bartholemy, Nancy Battey, William Baxter, James Beck, Robert Blanchard, Daniel Bort, Robert J. Brown, Edward Bruce-Kingsmill, William Bruegmann, Robert Burch, Dan Carnesciali Frank Case, Charles Caviness, Yvonne Carter, Albert Clark, Kaye Cummings, Joyce DaMert, Gene DeBolt, Douglas Edmonds, Mark Fairmont, Barden Finch, Galen Foster, Kuhlman Fluehr, Donald Frank, Mary Gallager, Brynne Gray, Wylie Greig, Wallace Hall, Lucy Harper, Nancy Harris, George Harsh, George Hartmeyer, Jr., Joseph Heard, Kimmis Hendrick, Mary Hensley, Robert Hess, Richard Holbrook, James Huffman, Jean Hunter, Barbara Hurwick, Melvin Hurwick, Stanley Jewell, Lyn Kendrick, Robert King, Susan Ledbetter, Jane Lindsay, Kirk Lindsay, Roy Lindsay, John G. Lyons, Clarence Mangham, Robert Manning, James Mathiott, Bruce McCauley, Daniel McCook, Lyman McLane, Garfield Merner, Lois O’Brien, Camille Oosting, Frederic Owen, Charles Patterson, Judith Patterson, Nancy Paul, Manville Petteys, Tim Potter, Sandra Powell, Amanda Price, Jeanne Price, Phyllis Raymond, Andrej Remec, Ralyne Robb, Alexander Robertson, Sally Sargent, Susan Sebbard, John L. Selover, Steve Shaper, Michael Shays, Frank Shideler, Sandra Shrewsbury, Alaister Smith, Dorothy Smith, Marjorie Stephens, David Stevens, Waldo Stewart, Marionette Tack, Margaret Taylor, Charles Terrell, Ward Thomas, Marianela Toledo, Dorothy Toloski, Karlton Topp, Sandy Vance, C.J. Van Pelt, Al Walker, Kevin Watters, Quentin Watts, Amanda Weitman, Robert Wickersham, Norman Wright, Jr., Dorothy Younger, Ruth Younger

If you served The Albert Baker Fund as a trustee and your name is not listed here, please contact our Manager of Administration, Jeffrey Thompson.

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