Step 6: Track the Status of Your Application

While ABF Staff is reviewing your application, you can log into your account, click on your application and see the status field in the top right corner. Below is a list of descriptions for the statuses visible to you:

Created Application: You are in the Application Creation phase and have not yet submitted your completed application for ABF Staff to review.

Submitted Application: You have submitted your completed application for review.

Incomplete Application: ABF staff has reviewed your application and requested additional information or documentation.  You have received an ‘Incomplete Application’ email detailing how to complete and resubmit your application.

Preliminary Review: The Program Director is conducting a preliminary reviewing your application before assigning your application to a volunteer for the interview stage.

Interview: A In-Country Representative (ICR) will contact you about scheduling an interview. You must talk with the ICR and answer questions about your application. The ICR’s comments are then reviewed by the Program Director before the award decision is made.

Final Review: The Program Director conducting a final review of your application and the ICR’s interview commentary before making a decision.

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